Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Character Development: Sarah

SArah, oh Sarah. She starts off the novel as Dillon's girlfriend. A little info on Sarah before Dillon, she was lost. She wasn't sure if she would ever find love. Then one day as Dillon and Madison's relationship fail apart. Her's and Dillon started to grow and advance. She gets jealous easy and doen't trust either her boyfriend or her best friend when they are alone together. She's a painter, waitress and college student. She has a small house that she works like crazy to pay the monthly rent on. It's nothing to big, nothing to small. It's everything she wanted. In all honesty it's an extention of herself. It's the pertect size for her to hide from the world but not herself.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Character Development: Dillon

The first character I will discuss is Dillon. Last night I was talking to a friend and he asked why I choose the name Dillon? I told him that the character himself is hip to the fact he will never be hip or cool, so I wanted to give him a cool name and Dillon was the first cool name, that came to my mind. Now I guess I could talk about his interests. Dillon is without adoubt the hardest of all these characters to discribe. He is a huge fan of both reading and writing. Not a day will go by that he doesn't involve himself deeply in both. He loves music, movies and the people he allows to surrond him all with the same amount of love and passion. It has just now started taking a step back to figure out just how boring he really is. He has been haunted by a dream that seems to never explain its self. The dream seems to own him, at the same time he lets it. He seems to love the idea of letting a dream wash over him. He has the biggest heart of any of these people, yet at the same time he's done more damage to others hearts. Part of it all has to do with the way his heart was broke and who broke it, the other has to do with the fact that he's the outsider in this group. He's in by force of a relationship, not the choice of friendship. Though the more he's around these people and the more he learns about them, the less he wants to be around. The only reason he tried to be their friend was because of Madison and the when they broke up and he started dating Sarah, he discovered that she felt a little different around them. It was a new world to Dillon, one he wasn't sure he wanted in. A group of friends and the only thing they have in common, is the selfishness they pride themselves in having. The males look at the females as a piece of land and ts a race as to who arrives first and who can stake claim. The females look at the guys as a bank roll and who can get the job first is the winner. On the outside they look like a happy cozy group of friends, yet to Dillon the more he knows about them the more he hates them. He has made friends with some of them individually, but when with them as a group he finds them hard to swallow. His biggest problem seems to be with Seth, while Amelia and him have grown into close allies. In the end it will be interesting to see if he stays with them or moves on to a new life with a new love?
Next time we will talk about Sarah and the funny thing with her name.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


History Part 1

I think we'll start with a little of the history. The novel is about a love gone wrong and trying to fix it with something to close to the flames. Dillon our hero was once in love with the beautiful Madison and then at what he felt was the start of their relationship, somethings happened and that all came to an unexpected end. Then as he was going through an era of depression and uncertainty, he became close with her friend Sarah. While it seemed Dillon's life was headed in a possitive direction, Madisons was filled with chaos. Alan the guy she cheated with and Seth the guy she sectretly wanted even when she was with Dillon, both became obsessive with her. She and Dillon tried to stay friends but that was harder than either one orginally thought it might be. They each were constantly filled with thoughts of what might have been and what will never be. Those feelings one day came to a head and Dillon and Sarah seeing that she might choose Seth and Sarah not liking Seth set out to ruin that relationship. She knew she couldn't do it without losing Madison's friendship, so she had Dillon risk his friendship with Madison. Sarah's way of doing it was holding her love over Dillon's head.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


A Piece Of The Novel

“So why don’t you tell me why your love life has been so horrible?” Dillon asked leaning in interest.
“Well I guess I should be honest with you,” she said taking a deep breathe. My last boyfriend, before this last one would use me as a punching and kicking bag. Anytime I would do or say something he didn’t like or if he was in a foul mood he would beat me like theirs no tomorrow.
“I’m sorry,” Dillon said.
He got up, walked over and gave her a hug. As they hugged Dillon could feel fear running through her. Julie wanted so much to enjoy this, but the memories of the past caused her to become scared.
“Dillon I have to be honest with you, the reason I broke up with my boyfriend tonight was because I couldn’t get past the fear of being scared. Every time we would get close, we would have to stop because I would start crying and not be able to stop,” she said nearing tears. “I don’t want to feel like that ever again, with you or anyone. He made me so weak and I hate him,” she continued until the tears made her stop crying.
Dillon then held her and tried to protect her from the nightmares of a past that have haunted her for far too long. As he tightly held onto her, she could feel those fears being exercised from her. She then moved her hands from Dillon’s back to where they were toughing his chest. As his heart beat against hers, she felt a level of calmness that she had never before experienced. Then as she removed herself from the hug, she placed one of her hands on his face; she moved his head down and embraced him in a long kiss. As they kissed she could feel all the emotions and happiness that she had dreamed of all long as she could remember. The softness of his lips on hers as they kissed hers. The way they moved in perfect rhythm. How he lead her like they were dance partners. The way that they surrendered to each other. Then as they released one another from the kiss she looked at him blushing as he softly stroked her hair.

“Dillon you are so amazingly sweet and kind. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I mean we just met and I hardly know anything about what makes you, you,” she said whipping the remaining tears from her face and trying to hide her blushing smile.

“What do you want to know?” he asked as he gently held her.

“Anything! Tell me the deepest secret you are willint to tell me,” she said staring into Dillon’s eyes.

“Well ok, her it is… most of the time I feel like a trapiz artist walking a tight rope surronded by cicles of flames,” he said with a smile and a laught of honesty.
“That’s weird, very weird in fact,” she said laughing.

As she said that Dillon made strange movements on his face with his hands. Doing this started to get Julie to laugh uncontrolably. In fact she was laughing so hard that she had to cover her mouth in fear of her coffee making a late escape trough her nose.

“No it’s just I feel like I’m in a circus right now,” she said. “So what trick are you going to do now to make me laugh?” she asked.

“Well to be honest I didn’t have anything planned pass hello,” he replied. “I know I’ll tell bad jokes hoping you humor me with fake laughs,” he said as she gave him a fake laugh.

“Well I laugh at all jokes. I just feel as if someones trying to make me laugh and he’s making an idiot of himself, why not laugh,” she said. You laughing makes him feel good and so do you. Laughing after all is the happiest of all facial expressions,” she said.

Dillon then laughed and Julie playfully slapped his chest.

“Now tell me a secret about you?” Dillon asked aas they start walking hand in hand to the piers exit.

“I fear showing up somewhere important, naked, and having laugh at me. They laugh, not because I forgot my clothes but because the think I’m ugly. Then no one gets up to cover me up in fear of themselves being laughed at themselves,” she said. I guess in fewer words, I’m scared of loneliness, regectfulness and heartbreak,” she added with a look of concern.

Dillon squeezed her tighter, stopped stopped and moved back from her and then back closer. He then took his hand whipped back the always out of place hair and brushed her cheeks with the back of his hand. Her body out of thought tensed up, then went back to normal after realizing this touch was of care not anger.

“Julie, as long as I’m in your liofe you will never want for attention. In fact you might wish for me to go away,” he said still softly stroking her cheeks.

“I doubt I will ever want you apart from me, if you’re always at least half as wonderful as you are and have been,” she said as leaned her face against his hand. “Dillon, I’ve been waiting so patiently in queue for a guy like you. Now that I’ve met you I want to learn the reason for it,” she said as she kissed his hand.

As they walked along the beach, they were in perfect place to see the moon reflect off the emrald blue waters and feel the waters dance with their feet. The futher they ventured from the pier the more clearly the night sky seemed to open. The stars and the world above seemed to watch over them like guardian angels. Seemingly guiding them down the beautiful coast. It was like a make shift confessional., where lost souls have come in search of direction and walked away as star crossed lovers. Even if it was a wrongful interpitation of what happened it was still a wonderful thought for two newfound lovers to be able to share in. The idea that God thought enough of them to allow them to each others life. To show one another that there past expierences were just a northern light, a lighthouse light beacon that was there to guide them through turbulant waters to one another. As they progressed futher they switched from holding hands to now Dillon had Julie wrapped in his arms. They then stopped and looked out together into the water looking for the curve of the earth.

“You know it’s funny, I look at all this and think that this is perfect but I would give it all up for that one girl,” he said. “That one girl who, even if it takes me seven, eight, nine or chances in the touble digits to make it perfect she never gives up,” he added.

He then looked at Julie and saw a little frown on her face. He stopped and tried to hug her but she backed off from him and sat down on the sand. As the waves crshed into her, Dillon sat down in hopes of finding out whats wrong.

“Julie can you please tell me what I said that upset you?” Dillon asked.

“It just seems to me, that if one of your ex’s called and wanted to fix things, I would become non-existant to you,” she said crying. “I really like you Dillon, even though we have only known each other a few hours, but I need you to be honest with me right now. Do you want whats here now, me and all this and who knows, or do you want one of your ex’s?” she asked as tears ran down her face.

Dillon then moved in front of hers, wrapped his hands in hers and looked her in the eyes.

Julie I know from what I said it sounded like I want one of them, but I wasn’t and don’t. I met I don’t need a near perfect port of call to find true love, I just need the perfect girl. I think I found that perfect girl and I’m holding her in my hands and I want her to take a chance with me,” Dillon said never moving his eyes from hers.

With tears running down her face she stared at him for what seemed like ever. As she glared deeper into his eyes, she began to see his soul. In his soul it was written that he wasn’t saying these words, they were what he was feeling. She tried her hardest to speak but the tears made that nearly impossible. After after trying and being unsuccessful, she pulled her hands away, placed them on his face and leaned into him. As this happened rain started pounding down. With the rain pouring down, she finished leaning in and engaged him in the most passiote kiss either of them had ever felt.

Friday, July 29, 2005


The Start

I guess really this is just going to be my place to talk about my novel and give some cool history of the characters and the reason they are the way they are. I know this seems selfish and self involved, but that's ok with me. I think we will start with the behind the book stuff tomorrow with a little bit of the history and how this all came about. Well I hope you all are well and stay well.
Jean-Francis Dupres

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