Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Character Development: Dillon

The first character I will discuss is Dillon. Last night I was talking to a friend and he asked why I choose the name Dillon? I told him that the character himself is hip to the fact he will never be hip or cool, so I wanted to give him a cool name and Dillon was the first cool name, that came to my mind. Now I guess I could talk about his interests. Dillon is without adoubt the hardest of all these characters to discribe. He is a huge fan of both reading and writing. Not a day will go by that he doesn't involve himself deeply in both. He loves music, movies and the people he allows to surrond him all with the same amount of love and passion. It has just now started taking a step back to figure out just how boring he really is. He has been haunted by a dream that seems to never explain its self. The dream seems to own him, at the same time he lets it. He seems to love the idea of letting a dream wash over him. He has the biggest heart of any of these people, yet at the same time he's done more damage to others hearts. Part of it all has to do with the way his heart was broke and who broke it, the other has to do with the fact that he's the outsider in this group. He's in by force of a relationship, not the choice of friendship. Though the more he's around these people and the more he learns about them, the less he wants to be around. The only reason he tried to be their friend was because of Madison and the when they broke up and he started dating Sarah, he discovered that she felt a little different around them. It was a new world to Dillon, one he wasn't sure he wanted in. A group of friends and the only thing they have in common, is the selfishness they pride themselves in having. The males look at the females as a piece of land and ts a race as to who arrives first and who can stake claim. The females look at the guys as a bank roll and who can get the job first is the winner. On the outside they look like a happy cozy group of friends, yet to Dillon the more he knows about them the more he hates them. He has made friends with some of them individually, but when with them as a group he finds them hard to swallow. His biggest problem seems to be with Seth, while Amelia and him have grown into close allies. In the end it will be interesting to see if he stays with them or moves on to a new life with a new love?
Next time we will talk about Sarah and the funny thing with her name.

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