Tuesday, August 02, 2005


History Part 1

I think we'll start with a little of the history. The novel is about a love gone wrong and trying to fix it with something to close to the flames. Dillon our hero was once in love with the beautiful Madison and then at what he felt was the start of their relationship, somethings happened and that all came to an unexpected end. Then as he was going through an era of depression and uncertainty, he became close with her friend Sarah. While it seemed Dillon's life was headed in a possitive direction, Madisons was filled with chaos. Alan the guy she cheated with and Seth the guy she sectretly wanted even when she was with Dillon, both became obsessive with her. She and Dillon tried to stay friends but that was harder than either one orginally thought it might be. They each were constantly filled with thoughts of what might have been and what will never be. Those feelings one day came to a head and Dillon and Sarah seeing that she might choose Seth and Sarah not liking Seth set out to ruin that relationship. She knew she couldn't do it without losing Madison's friendship, so she had Dillon risk his friendship with Madison. Sarah's way of doing it was holding her love over Dillon's head.

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